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triobike taxi

The Triobike taxi is a taxi bike for transporting elderly people who still enjoy the wind in their hair! The bike is a pleasure to ride even when carrying two adults up a hill. And, it’s a pleasure to sit in with soft, bespoke cushions. We’ve even adapted the seat to make it accessible for people with walking difficulties. Once seated, safety is key with a seatbelt per passenger. The Triobike taxi has a handy storage unit and a retractable hood and waterproof blanket for bad weather. Its many windows ensure a superb all-round view. Carpé diem!

a couch on wheels

The Triobike taxi seat is all about comfort. At 35 inch wide, it’s one of the most spacious cargo bike seats on the market and is ergonomically designed for a relaxed sitting position. But, we also want passengers to travel in style. So, we got one of Scandinavia’s top furniture manufacturers, the company that produces Danish Designer Arne Jacobsen’s ‘Egg’ and ‘Swan’ chairs, to make our cushions. The result is a soft and stylish seat that’s also easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

accessibility for all

The special removable middle plate on the Triobike taxi allows anyone with walking difficulties to sit down easily without having to lift their feet. This feature makes sure entry and exit are safe and effortless. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

enjoy loads of space

The new Triobike taxi has a spacious storage box beneath the passenger seat with an impressive volume capacity of 18.5 gallons. Take a picnic on your next adventure!

looking good

We use high-quality bent plywood for the ergonomic and beautiful Triobike taxi front box. The box is supplied by the same German company who create famous furniture for renowned designers such as Hans Jørgen Wegner, Ray & Charles Eames and Tadao Ando.


no more uphill

The new Triobike taxi is easy and effortless to ride thanks to the mighty e-power system, Promovec. With this motor, you can easily carry two adult passengers up a hill. No problem. Promovec is a Danish e-power system manufacturer acknowledged for being one of the most reliable e-system makers in the world. The system is tested under extreme weather conditions, to ensure it won’t ever let you down. The battery is fast and easy to charge (just like a cell phone) and offers a range up to 25 miles per charge. (All e-systems by Triobike comply with the European EN 15194 standard).

we’ve got you covered

The Triobike taxi hood is easy to fold away when the sun is shining and can be unfolded quickly if the weather changes. The many windows ensure a great all-round view when the hood is up. The hood is permanently attached to the bike and the fabric will never fade thanks to a special solution-dyed sunacryl acrylic fiber that is water resistant, fire tested and 100% UV stable.

never mind
the weather

We put our passengers comfort first when designing the Triobike taxi, which is why we crafted a warm and waterproof blanket. This keeps you super dry and cozy on your journey, no matter what the weather throws at you. So, come sunshine or rain you can always enjoy the city in comfort and style.

Triobike & Cycling Without Age

Urban mobility is not just for young, dynamic people living in cities. For us, it has no age. Which is why we began a collaboration with ‘Cycling Without Age’ back in 2014. This leading international movement has a global force of kind-hearted volunteer pilots who offer free bike rides for the elderly. They believe that everyone, especially the elderly and less-abled, has “the right to wind in their hair”. Our Triobike taxi with room for two adult passengers is the perfect way to ensure this right.

A Triobike taxi ride is a great way to build friendships between generations, share stories and take lazy Sunday afternoon trips down memory lane. Destinations are not fixed, times are relaxed and options are open. Even at 90 years of age, the trio way is still fun and spontaneous.

Triobike and ‘Cycling Without Age’ take the elderly and less-abled to all corners of the world and are now riding in 37 countries around the globe. We hope to continue being a part of this inspiring movement for many years to come (perhaps until we ourselves need a little “wind in our hair”). Find out more about ‘Cycling Without Age’ in the US here.

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