hello cargo big
let’s deliver 30% more

30% more space

The new Triobike cargo big has an extended load platform that’s an impressive 42″ long, giving you tonnes more space for all kinds of deliveries: bigger boxes, longer trees, wider TV screens or happier kids with their legs stretched out. The new size basically means that every fourth load is free! It’s an exciting solution for fast and sustainable inner-city delivery.

extra long, extra strong

We’ve left nothing to chance with the Triobike cargo big. The frame has been reinforced at all key pressure points to be able to cope with industrial heavy duty use. It has an extended center tube to make it extremely rigid and completely stable with heavy loads.

heavy loads, light bike

We’ve carefully crafted every component of the cargo big to ensure it is the lightest cargo bike in its category. This means you can be faster and more agile in city traffic. The sharp right turn feature makes for surprisingly easy handling and maneuverabilty. Every detail is geared for top performance.

let’s be bright

We even went big on the color! The cargo big has its own, signature neon yellow RAL1026, guaranteed to get you noticed, which is a good thing on busy city streets. You can also ride in stylish silver Pantone 10077C or special cargo big Black C. Of course, you can still choose any of the Triobike colors and we can easily custom-make a color or logo combination to suit your needs, small or … big.

easy turn right

Just like on our regular cargo bike, the new cargo big front wheel offers a bigger turning angle to the right. This makes the bike surprisingly agile in small spaces in urban environments.

even more accessories

The new cargo big comes with all the same great accessories as our regular cargo bike … just bigger! We’ve also created a special two-kids box for families and a super-tough, theft-proof box to keep your precious cargo safe at all times. An Euro 6 pallet sized bottom panel is also available for wider loads.

the cargo big family